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Schedule of Charges & Interest Rates

Schedule of Charges & Interest Rates

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Marginal Cost of Funds Based Lending Rate (MCLR):

Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate (MCLR) w.e.f from Dec 4th  , 2017

Tenure Annualized MCLR (%) MCLR (%)*
Overnight       7.70% 7.70%
1 month       7.70% 7.70%
3 month       7.70% 7.65%
6 month       7.75% 7.60%
12 month       7.75% 7.50%

* Rates are compounded monthly, payable on a per annum basis. For money market or annualized rates please contact Barclays India


Mortgage Reference Rate and Base Rate:

The interest rate on your variable rate Mortgage loan is linked to the Mortgage Reference Rate (MRR). Any revision in the MRR may impact the interest rate on your loan according to the bank's interest rate review policy. The MRR has been raised to 20% with effect from 1st August 2011.
The interest rate on your variable rate Mortgage loan, if disbursed upto 30th June 2010 is linked to the MRR of the Bank.
The interest rate on your variable rate Mortgage loan, if disbursed post 30th June 2010 is linked to the Base Rate of the Bank.


Base Rate of Barclays Bank PLC, India:

With Effect From Rate of Interest Valid till
04-Nov-16 9.00% per annum Existing
13-Nov-15 9.10% per annum 03-Nov-16
4-June-15 9.25% per annum 12-Nov-15
20-Dec-14 9.45% per annum 3-June-15
26-May-14 9.70% per annum 19-Dec-14
17-Feb-14 9.90% per annum 25-May-14
28-Oct-13 9.70% per annum 16-Feb-14
01-Oct-13 10.45% per annum 27-Oct-13
08-Aug-13 9.95% per annum 30-Sep-13
01-Jul-13 9.15% per annum 07-Aug-13
20-May-13 9.25% per annum 30-Jun-13
14-Dec-12 9.50% per annum 19-May-13
16-Sep-12 10.00% per annum 13-Dec-12
1-Jun-12 10.25% per annum 15-Sep-12
1-Nov-11 10.50% per annum 31-May-12
1-Oct-11 10.25% per annum 31-Oct-11
1-Jul-11 10.00% per annum 30-Sep-11
1-Mar-11 9.50% per annum 30-Jun-11
1-Jan-11 9.00% per annum 28-Feb-11
1-Dec-10 8.50% per annum 31-Dec-10
1-Nov-10 8.00% per annum 30-Nov-10
1-Oct-10 7.50% per annum 31-Oct-10
1-Jul-10 7.00% per annum 30-Sep-10

The Base Rate has been arrived at considering weighted average interest cost of Rupee term deposits (having tenor up to 6 months ) along with Current & Savings Account cost and other elements that are common across all categories of borrowers.