Block your Card or Report an Unauthorized Transaction

Blocking your Debit Card or Report Unauthorized Transactions

Please call +91 22 6000 7888 for hot listing / blocking your Barclays Debit card immediately to protect it from further transactions of this nature.

Report Unauthorized Transactions

You can report any unauthorized transactions in your account through the following channels:

1)      At our India branches during customer hours - https://www.barclays.in/home/contact-us/

2)      Through email at reporttransaction@barclays.com.

3)      Via telephone on calling +91 22 6000 7888

This number is available to you 24X7 (standard calling rates apply). 

Please note that no other product or service related information will be available on this number.

We require the following information for reporting unauthorized transactions

To report Unauthorized Transactions on Internet Banking:

·       Account number

·       Transaction date

·       Transaction amount

·       Type of transaction e.g. NEFT/RTGS/IMPS etc.

To report Unauthorized Debit Card or ATM card transactions:

·       Debit card or ATM card number

·       Type of transaction e.g. online, at a store, local grocer, Cash withdrawal, etc.

·       Date of transaction

·       Transaction amount

Please click here to report unauthorized electronic transactions​​​​​​​

Please ensure that you report any unauthorized transaction immediately. The longer the time taken to notify the Bank, the higher will be the risk of loss to you and to the Bank.